Paint Industrial Equipment

Depending on the task at hand, the industrial painting equipment will span from a number of things. The equipment may either be heavy machinery or also include certain smaller tools or even supplies. For instance some lightweight equipment includes brushes, roller covers, frames, and certain accessories, ladders, scaffolds, climbing equipment, tape and masking, sandpaper and abrasives, drop clothes and sheeting, caulks, sealants and caulking tools, patching and repair, painter’s tools, drywall compounds and tools, solvent and removers, cleaning supplies, safety equipment, painter’s wear, spray equipment, wallpaper tools and paste.

paint booths
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Now to look at some heavy equipment used in painting, paint booths are one of the most used industrial equipment because it essentially covers the need to use all the above-mentioned equipment. Visit for more information. Moreover, it is equipment that can be used to achieve huge results in a very short time.

Painting Booths come in many different forms. There are the spray paint booths as well as the powder paint booths. They are a bit different depending on their utilization. Others include automotive, woodworking, truck, motorcycle, paint mixing, cross flow, while some are of different forms. For instance: the open face, side downdraft, semi-downdraft, reverse flow, and even the heated booths.

To look at each one of them separately and what they entail, here is a comprehensive description of the listed equipment above.

Automotive Equipment

This one is used for auto-body shop spray applications.

Woodworking Equipment

This equipment is used for quality woodworking spray for all furniture coatings and wood finish spray applications.

Truck Equipment

Used for quality truck painting and all semi-truck coating as well as heavy equipment spray applications. The benefit of truck equipment is that it is customizable to meet the needs of the user.

Motorcycle Equipment

Similar to truck equipment for painting, the motorcycle painting equipment is also used for body coating and spray applications.

Paint Mixing Equipment

While all the above almost perform the same function, these equipment is designed with a ventilation system the releases harmful vapors and fumes due to the automated mixing containers. It can be used to mix and store paint, chemicals, and supplies from standard tools and equipment.

Painter using Equipment

For the Cross Flow, all Downdraft, Open Face and Reverse Flow Paint equipment, these are designed with exhausts and filter systems to allow free flow of air, that is so that fresh air enters to ultimately reduce surface ventilation.

Compliance and Certification

The equipment to be used is to be of standard quality and should comply with NFPA 33 which is a top-level safety code. This is due to the spray application of combustible materials. While other authorities require certification either by third-party compliances such as the ETL, the equipment or models used should include electrical control panels, air valves to interlock the fan and motor and spray equipment.

Industrial painting equipment can be used to carry out works on a large scale. Some few places where the industrial painting equipment can be used include, blenders, conveyor systems, chroming lines, drill presses in machine shops, food processing equipment, high heat furnaces, metal stamping presses, mixers, milling machines, robotic welders, roll forming equipment, silos, tank linings and many more.

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